Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a great idea is taking flight

Finally, finally, finally! A way for animals to (safely) fly to join their human companions when they travel!

Have you heard about this?

There's a new airline starting up that flies only animals ... in the passenger cabin (actually, they call it the "pawsenger" cabin - cute!), and not in the cargo compartment. It's called Pet Airways, and it's based right here in Delray Beach, Florida!
Here's how it works (Buddy is wondering if they offer in-flight meals? ha ha). For now, they fly between major airports like L.A., Denver, Chicago, NY, DC, etc. but they plan to expand their route map.

Even better, they've partnered with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (that's the one Sal and I visited in Utah) and will be a resource for the Sanctuary when they need to relocate rescued animals. Read all about it. How fantastic!

This new airline is a wonderful concept for those of us who would never put our precious pups in cargo, nor do we own a private jet to fly them with us in the main cabin. I wish this new business tons of success.

So don't be surprised if you see Buddy & Aruba launching their own Where In The World? travel blog! *wink*

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Momofboys said...

what will they come up with next?! that's pretty cool...i always thought it was rather cruel to stick them in the cargo bay....so scary!! well at least now there is an option =)