Wednesday, May 20, 2009

heading to Orlando!

Hi there ~ wow, it's Wednesday already, this week is flying by!

Today we're heading out to start the Memorial Day weekend early! We'll visit my parents tonight and then Buddy & Aruba will stay with them while Sal and I head off to Orlando for a few days. We've got LOTS of exciting things planned, our weekend is packed, but I'll do my best to sneak in a blog post now and then. Florida is getting soaked in torrential rains right now (have you seen it on the news???, we're getting drenched here!!!), but that's supposed to taper off by Friday, and I sure hope so!

Buddy could use some fun with "Grandma & Grandpa". He is doing OK, but has been a bit down the past couple of days. And we often have to coax him to eat. Some days are better than others for him ... such are the ups and downs of chemo I guess. Next week he'll get his 2nd treatment. Buddy is so brave, our little angel!

I'll catch you back here soon, from Orlando.

Enjoy the holiday,

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Momofboys said...

hope the rain slows down so you guys can enjoy your Orlando visit!! and i hope buddy is well enough to enjoy playing with grandma and grandpa =) have a wonderful weekend!