Monday, June 15, 2009


Hi there ... hope your week is off to a great start.

Wow, our week sure is! As I mentioned in Saturday's post, we've been waiting on biopsy results for Aruba. Well, I got a call today from her vet ... the biopsy results were NEGATIVE! The growth that was removed from her gum last week is BENIGN !!!! Oh, happy day!

We are so relieved!

We love our angel Aruba so much and are so glad that she's healthy!


Momofboys said...

that's great news!!

Shannon said...

Woo HOO what great news.....

Michelle Aguilar said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! that is great news! Gotta love our dog pals. You know I get so sad when the animals are sick or dying! I know we are to be but, for animals, they are allowed!
Hey, do you feed them a veggie dog food? Just wondering as I know my sis whom is a vegetarian does the science diet one that is like $30 a bag.
I feed ours pedigree or some natural food with veggies. It is like Nurish but, not that brand.

Our vet swears by pedigree as the bites are good for our dogs teeth, as two of our chihuahua's have small teeth, so it is better to chew. Sometimes we purchase little bites dog chow. LOL
get me talking about dogs and I am going to comment away..........

good lucks with your pals!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, I'm so glad that aruba is OK! I,ve send you onother comment maybe I din't do it right.

All is wel here I will cal later
to talk to Sal.

Love M0M.

kim said...

Susan that is great news!!!!