Friday, June 26, 2009

... round 3 ...

TGIF right?

Buddy had another round of chemo yesterday, his 3rd of six. So he's now 1/2 way done with the injectables portion of the treatments. He's not quite himself today, kind of subdued, although he saw Sal off this morning with a wagging tail. Always cute! :-)

Some great news was his remission progress exam ... his oncologist says he's doing well! And she characterized him as being in "complete remission"! {relief}

I had to coax him to eat breakfast this morning ... I keep 2 kinds of (veggie) canned food (it's soft & moist) and 2 kinds of (veggie) crunchy kibbles on hand. He prefers different types of food at various times, so this way I can accommodate him with an alternate when he "snubs" what I put in his dish. Apparently chemo can change the taste of food, and not for the better. Humans on chemo complain that their food tastes "metallic", and maybe that's what Buddy would say too.

If he's up to it tonight (when it's cooler, whew!), I'll take him for a short walk in the neighborhood ... he loves to sniff around and greet people along the way. It'll cheer him up.

Poor Buddy ... doing my best to comfort him ...

Enjoy the weekend,

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Momofboys said...

that's great that he's in remission now...woohoo! you are such a wonderful caretaker for him...i'm sure he's very appreciative and shows it...with his wagging tail =)