Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jonathan graduates today!

Congratulations go out today to my nephew, Jonathan! He's graduating from Boca Ciega High School in Gulfport, Florida.

We're proud of you, Jonathan, and wish you a future filled with good things! Enjoy the summer, and all the best as you enter The Marines in August! :-)

Aunt Susan, Uncle Sal, Buddy & Aruba


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jonathan!!!!!

Jim, Maria, James & Samuel

Anonymous said...

Aunt Susan & Uncle Sal,
Thank you so much for your card, & Gift, I'm going to try to make you proud of me.
My Graduation celabration was on Thursdy the 4th, it was very nice.
My Paremts have done all they could for me, & my Grandmother.

Thank you again. Love Jonathan.

Timi Forrest said...

hey girl
i am passing on a kreative blogger award to you....see my blog for details

Shannon said...

Just nominated you for a Kreativ Blog Award...check out my blog to see about it