Thursday, December 3, 2009

catching up...

Hi there, here I am! Where have I been? Just kind of occupied with the stuff of life, you know how it goes. It's no excuse tho ... I need (want) to get back to blogging!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday? Sal & Buddy & Aruba & I took a road trip to the Tampa Bay area and spent the weekend with our families. Had fun catching up with everyone ... and seeing Buddy all energetic and playful with "Grandma & Grandpa" (so THANKFUL for that!), and me being playful with nieces and nephews (I love to goof around with them).

Here's a sweet moment from the festivities ... Sal's Mom (Angela) with her little poodle, Noel. He was born in December, hence his name. Happy birthday, Noel! :-)

Enjoy the day,


perilloparodies said...

Aunt Angela, we love you!!! Thanks for sharing a picture of her, Susan... It has been a while. sorry I have not checked in for quite some time... but... You have been on my mind. sending a big hug and lots of love.


Momofboys said...

Hey Susan I've missed you on here! So nice to know you all had a wonderful time with family. Cute pic of my aunt and her sweet dog =)

sandalloons44 said...

Thank you Susan! Turning 46 was great!!!! And I love Noel purty puppy cute!!!!
and btw, we are getting two new turkeys called Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lisa m. and a lady named karen L., guess their names on my FB account. fun!
they will be females and I would love to see how the eggs look.
I bet they will love it here with all the other 78 farm animals and the other 15 other animals. LOL
Take care!