Wednesday, December 9, 2009

gaga for glitter!

A footnote to yesterday's post ... you can probably tell that, as a scrapbooker, glitter is one of my go-to supplies. And Martha Stewart makes some of the prettiest glitter I've seen (aside from the signature colors of Doodlebug Designs' glitters).

My latest obsession is Martha's "tinsel" glitter. Have you seen this stuff??? Here's an enlarged view to show the detail and texture of it:

Whoa, right? I can't wait to play with it! A friend gave me a giftcard to a sb'ing store, so several YUMMY colors of this glittery goodness are now part of my stash. They're also available at Michael's (grab their 40% coupon out of the Sunday newspaper and head over there to see it in person!).

And it was too funny to see Martha "glittering" on The Jay Leno Show ... Jay couldn't have been less interested (LOL), but it was a fun segment. I'm loving her "glitter-by-number" painting concept! Go HERE for instructions and a demo video.

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Momofboys said...

you're just the glitter queen! enjoy =)