Saturday, December 19, 2009

movie review

It has been a while since Sal & I went to the movies. I'm not much of a movie person; frankly, I think a lot of what hits theaters would leave me wanting those 2 hours of my life back.

Today though, a rarity ... there are 2 movies out simultaneously that we were interested in. I convinced Sal to see Up In The Air with me (thanks sweetheart!) when he really wanted to see Avatar (the 3-D version). But he'll see that soon (maybe tomorrow!). I'm gonna pass on Avatar, I'm not a sci-fi gal.

Anyway, UITA was very good. Not a movie I'd watch 10 times like, say, Working Girl or My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But the snappy dialogue and underlying "travel" theme were right up my alley. Sal thinks it was just the George Clooney eye-candy, LOL! It was cute to hear a couple of elderly women behind us saying how nice looking he is. Actually, I'm more interested in his Italian villa. *wink*

Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Only 6 days until Christmas, wow!

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