Wednesday, December 16, 2009

home for the holidays

All of us know how wonderful it feels to be home for the holidays, surrounded by family, friends, and love. But lonely, homeless animals in shelters don't have this joy.

This holiday, please consider adopting a new animal friend. Please, with THOUSANDS of lovable animals awaiting homes in shelters, don't patronize breeders or pet stores! Search this animal shelter database to find animals in need near you.

And although it's popular to think that an adopted animal makes a great gift, often this is not the case ... it results in many animals returning to shelter life. Instead, consider giving a
Pet Promise Certificate ... a "gift card", of sorts, that allows your gift recipient to choose when (and if) they are ready to rescue a new furry friend.

Rescued animals will return your love 1,000-fold!

On behalf of the animals, thank you,

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