Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Note

Yesterday was a special day for me and Sal !! It was the 22nd anniversary of the day we began dating. We celebrated the beginning of "us" by taking the entire day off and spending it together at the beach. So apropos, after all, since our first kiss was at the beach. As you can see, it was a beautiful day, but

And every May 12, we pull out The Note that started it all. Sal and I had been studying together in the library, and he passed me a note, written on the back of an engineering problem we were working (geeks!), that said that he was in love with me! And the rest, as they say, is history ... because I was in love with him too! :-)

So yesterday I went to my keepsake box to have a look at The Note. And my heart sank when it wasn't there, OMG !!! I went into PANIC mode! That Note is as precious to me as my wedding ring ... how could I have misplaced it?!?!? I looked everywhere ... frantically. Nothing. I was trying to think back to last May 12, what did I do with it? I recalled that at this time last year, I was emotionally distraught over Buddy's health, so maybe I inadvertently just left it somewhere? And although we have a scanned copy of it, that's just not the same. I went to bed heartbroken.

Woke up this morning, thought I'd give it a fresh look. And there it was ... where it always is ... in my keepsake box! Except I had put it in an unlabeled, nondescript envelope ... in an effort to protect it from ripping apart. Oh, the RELIEF !!! Buddy & Aruba & I were jubilant (they were upset, too), and I called my "boyfriend" Sal with the good news.

And this time, before putting The Note back, I labeled the envelope.


Momofboys said...

awww that is soooo sweet!!! hope you enjoyed the anniversary of your first kiss!!

Teri Weber said...

you are so funny re: the Note! I'm glad you labeled it this year! :)
Very romantic....the 2 of you look awesome...
teri :)