Friday, May 28, 2010

welcome summer!

Ah, a long holiday weekend is upon us (here in the U.S.). Hope you have something fun planned? Aruba's ready for the holiday! (as usual, she wouldn't look at the camera, waaahhh!)

And of course we're all remembering our troops, past and present, on the solemn Memorial Day holiday. Their sacrifices deserve special tribute.

Sal and I have had a long week, so we look forward to some relaxation. But ... we have a couple of less pleasant things to do too. Buddy has a remission progress exam at the cancer clinic tomorrow. As you know, these visits make me so nervous, always wondering what his bloodwork and tests will reveal. Cancer is a horrible dark cloud, hovering! And the clinic isn't the most pleasant place to be. Every animal there has cancer.

Plus ... it's that time for us again. Car shopping. Yuck! I hate doing it ... so much haggling with the dealers, I think I'd rather get a root canal, seriously. But, Sal's car has nearly 150,000 miles on it, so he's due for a new one. Time to spend money on perhaps the worst "investment" on the planet!

On Sunday, we'll be watching the Indy 500 race ... as former Hoosiers, it's a special tradition for us! The racetrack was only 20 minutes from where we lived in Indianapolis, so we went to the race one year. Loved taking in the action live from our seats at Turn 4 !!

So I'll catch you back here next week, if not before. I'll be sharing details about something NEW that I'm starting on June 1. Stay tuned!

Wishing you a holiday weekend full of sunshine, picnics, good times. Bring on summer! :-)

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Momofboys said...

aruba looks so cute in her festive scarf! i hope that everything went well with buddy's visit =) have a wonderful weekend and can't wait to hear what you'll be starting on June 1st!