Tuesday, May 11, 2010

radio show!

In my March 19 post, I (excitedly) mentioned how I got to participate in a taping of the "Travel With Rick Steves" Radio Show. Well, the show finally aired over the weekend on National Public Radio stations nationwide!! I think I sounded OK, but we all know how weird it is to hear our own voices on a recording, right? I was stunned that none of my comments were edited out! Rick and the producer kept everything I said!

The show was about Tuscany, Italy ... namely, the quaint Tuscan town of Cortona and the Under The Tuscan Sun memoir that made it famous. The author, Frances Mayes, was Rick's guest for the show, so I got to chat with both her and Rick. Speaking as a travel buff, and as a fan of both Italy and the book, it was such a THRILL for me!

If you're interested, click HERE to listen to the show. It's also available as a (free) podcast ... download it HERE. If you don't want to listen to the entire one-hour program, most media players let you jump ahead ... Rick introduces me about 38 minutes into the show, and my conversation lasts for 7 minutes. I had no idea how long I had been speaking with them, I was star-stuck! Hope you enjoy it!

And speaking of Rick ... if you're a fan, you'll want to own this! ... last week, Smithsonian Magazine published Travels With Rick Steves, a special issue dedicated to Rick's favorite things to see & do in Europe. Great writing, and the photos are pure travel eye candy! I already picked up my copy at Barnes & Noble over the weekend, lol.

Thanks for sharing in the fun of my radio debut! :-)


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Momofboys said...

that is very cool! i couldn't listen to the download for some reason so maybe you can email it to me directly and i can hear it better that way...i would love to listen in on your radio debut!