Friday, June 18, 2010

anniversary in paradise

(photo credit: Maui Visitor Bureau)

OK, I'm so excited that I can hardly type !!!

I have such fun news to share !!!

This summer, Sal and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Already??? Yep! And we've been giving some thought to how we want to mark the big occasion ... it has to be something romantic, of course! And then, voila!, just like that, it became apparent ... because Sal was invited to present his amazing research at a chemistry conference later this year in ... [drumroll please!] ... HAWAII !!! {gasp}

So we've decided to extend our stay and celebrate our special milestone anniversary in Maui, which to me is perhaps one of the most romantic places on earth! Sunsets, leis, hula dancing, tiki torches, gorgeous scenery ... OMG I'm busting with DELIGHT !! The timing is so incredibly perfect.

I love, love, love Hawaii ... we've been there before but still have more to explore. Always the traveler, never the tourist, LOL. It's a magical place, and has cast a spell over me. Our trip is still many months away but already I am GIDDY with anticipation!

And to the chemists who chose Hawaii as the conference venue --- may I hug you?



Momofboys said...

that's awesome!!! such a wonderful way to celebrate being together for TWENTY years!!! congrast to you both and I can't wait to hear of the wonderful adventures you have while you are there (you will be blogging right?!!)

Susan said...

oh you bet i'll be blogging!! Thanks Claudia! :-)
Enjoy the weekend ...

Susan said...

Test comment ... something has been wrong with blogger today, ugh!