Thursday, June 10, 2010

wildlife + oil = heartbreak

I can hardly stand to watch the oil spill news reports anymore!

My heart BREAKS seeing the images of the helpless wildlife stuggling in the oily goop that's washing up on Gulf shores! Here are just a few (photo credits: AP Photographer Charlie Riedel &

OMG, right?

I feel as helpless as these birds look.

But there is something we can do to help protect against future oil disasters. On June 26, there will be a Hands Across The Sand event held nationwide (and not just in coastal states!). Sal and I will be participating right here on our own Delray Beach! A human chain will be formed along the beach, concerned citizens hand-in-hand ... a metaphorical barrier to more offshore oil drilling. Let's send a message about the importance of clean, renewable energy ... our coastlines and wildlife depend on it!

Here's a scene from the event held back in February along a beach in Florida's panhandle, which is IRONICALLY now cleaning oil from the Gulf spill off its beautiful beaches:

Please consider "joining hands" with me and Sal later this month at a H.A.T.S. event near you!

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Momofboys said...

i've seen these same pictures and it makes me sad too that this could have all been avoided. my hope and prayer is that they are able to get a handle on it soon so that more wildlife and people's lives will not be impacted in the way that so many have already.