Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a new month, and a new chapter

Hey there & happy June!

Today is a NEW beginning for me! It's my first day at a NEW job ... working with Sal in his research lab! My contract paperwork was finalized today. I'll be a technician, of sorts, helping him, his PhD students, and his postdoctoral researchers with all sorts of things. You name it!

First order of business will be to review and update the lab's hurricane preparedness plan. Fitting, since today's the official start of hurricane season. Eeek! We Floridians don't even want to consider the possibility of a storm! :-(

Aside from that, there are a whole host of things that I'll be working on, streamlining day-to-day lab operations ... ordering chemicals, budgeting research grant funds, updating Sal's website design (I think it needs more bells & whistles, LOL), coordinating equipment repairs, etc etc etc.

Sal can really use the help, he's swamped, and I'm uniquely qualified to do it. All those years as an engineer and then running a chemical company for a few years thereafter were certainly great prep for this!

Looking forward to working with you, Sal !!! As always, we'll make a great team! :-)


Teri Weber said...

Great news Susan! Sounds like the perfect fit :)
Good luck and congrats!

Momofboys said...

Congrats on the new job!! I think you will make a great addition and I checked out Sal's website...yep I think it needs a woman's touch =) I hope to hear interesting things posted here about your new adventure!

M0M said...

love you Susan.

Anonymous said...

Susan I'm trying to see if I remember what to do to send you a comment.
I'ts now 4;15AM Could sleep it all, I tryed every thing.
well better luck tonight.

Love Mom
PS. I got the phone call from Sal thank you.

Shannon said...

How exciting...that is so awesome....I'm sure that you will enjoy it! Congratulations