Wednesday, June 29, 2011

back to reality....

Hi there! A quick mid-week post ... we're back home, back to campus, and back to reality after our fabulous whirlwind trip! We miss Greece, but it's great to be home too. We had a great visit with my parents when we got back to Florida, and it was so terrific to be reunited with Buddy & Aruba too, we missed our precious angels. They had such fun at "Camp Grandma & Grandpa" and didn't want to leave !!

Back home, we see the problems in Greece festering on live TV news feeds. Sal and I walked and rode in taxis along this street many times while in Athens (that's the Parliament Bldg in the upper right): The country does have economic problems, some were clearly visible... vacant storefronts and abandoned businesses everywhere, never-completed construction projects, hotels struggling to fill rooms, protests, rallies, strikes, 20% unemployment. Very sad. The country is in my thoughts as they try to cope with these difficult issues. The Greek people were so warm and welcoming to us, and we wish them a bright future. If you're considering a visit to Greece, please do not let the unrest there discourage you. Simply avoid spending a lot of time in Athens, where most of the commotion occurs. And while strikes can be disruptive and sometimes affect operations (ferries, banks, etc) country-wide, they generally last only a day or two. You can work around them (we did). Greece is too wonderful to miss! Hopefully, our euros helped stimulate their economy in some small way (I did my best by shopping, LOL)!

I'll be back soon with pics and details of our journey ... after I get caught-up at home/work, and yes, sorting thru 1,000+ photos! I'm also getting ready to attend my 25th high school reunion (where did the time go?) ... thankfully, I already found a perfect new "little black dress" to wear! Thanks Mom!



Momofboys said...

So glad you were able to enjoy your time regardless of the turmoil going on over there =) And have fun at your reunion!!

e_susan94 said...

Glad you are home safe. I want to look at the pictures soon! Love cousin Susan