Monday, June 13, 2011

Greece is the word

Sal and I are having an amazing time in Greece, we love it here! Just trying to dodge a bit of protests and strikes tho. :-(

The Acropolis & Parthenon in Athens were amazing, so glad to finally see them in person.

Visited Santorini and savored every minute on that stunning island...the view from our hotel room's veranda left me speechless!

Now we're back on the mainland, in the charming town of Nafplion... luscious bougainvillea everywhere, providing shade to tables at quaint tavernas.

Thanks for stopping by ... more pics & details soon as we continue our journey through Greece....

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Momofboys said...

Que bellezza!! I know you're in Greece but I'm Italian and that's what we say when something is!! I'm glad you are enjoying your trip so much. Can't wait to see the other beautiful scenese from your travels =)

e_susan94 said...

Yes, it looks like Italy and other places in Europe. I love the old streets, buildings and narrow sidewalks. Ahhhhhhh That is a nice photo.