Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just Do It: recycle your athletic shoes

I was in the waiting room at the dentist this morning (yes, taxes and the dentist in the same week, ick!) and read about a great concept in a magazine.

We all have 'em.....athletic shoes (a.k.a. "sneakers", if you're a Seinfeld fan) that have worn out, and then we throw them out. No longer! Thanks to Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe recycling program, 20 million pairs of athletic shoes have been recycled into material used for athletic facility surfaces, such as basketball and tennis courts, running tracks and playgrounds. Nike will accept and recycle any brand of athletic shoe (but no cleats) can send your shoes to a processing facility in Oregon, or they have a map of drop-off locations around the country. Fabulous!

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