Monday, February 4, 2008

SuperBowl XLII (it's all about the ads)

Hey everyone, did you enjoy the SuperBowl? Sal and I did. Although we're not big sports fans, we enjoy the annual tradition of the game and all the hoopla surrounding it. And, of course, the ads! A bit of panic set in though when our cable went out (what ?!?!?!?!) about 40 minutes before kick-off, oh no! I was so upset, but Sal's cool-headedness prevailed and he had the idea to pull out our little battery-powered "hurricane" TV. I didn't relish the thought of watching the game on a 5-inch screen, but figured it was better than missing the game completely. Then, a few minutes before kick-off, our cable came back on [relief] and we were back to the 36-inch screen.....hurrah!

The first half of the game was kind of boring, not much action. Halftime was pretty good, classic Tom Petty tunes and a good performance (no wardrobe malfunctions!). But the second half really got good in the 4th quarter, especially in the final 2 minutes of the game! The Giants really held it together.

I thought that most of the ads were lame this year, but I did have one favorite.....the Diet Pepsi Max commercial that was a parody of Chris Kattan's Saturday Night Live skit. Watch the ad here.....turn up the sound, and be sure to NOD !!!

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