Tuesday, February 19, 2008

our taxes are done {RELIEF}

Wow, I'm early this year! I finished our taxes today and e-filed, it's so great. I looked at last year's return and saw that I filed in late March, so this year I wanted to try to get it done earlier......it has so many benefits, namely, that we'll get our refund sooner {smile}, but also that it's off my mind and I don't have to contend with jammed phone lines when calling the IRS or fight with a sluggish website when filing online. The IRS must not be too busy yet, because after I e-filed, they said it would take 24-48 hours to get final acceptance of our return, but I received the acceptance in a mere 2 hours! I used H&R Block's online service, it seems to have worked out pretty good. For $20 you can step through their online software, input all your numbers and deductions, print out a copy of your return, and then e-file, complete with an electronic "signature" and direct deposit instructions for your refund. LOVE it! No appointments, no mailing, no hassle. It even had all the Schedules that I needed to go along with the 1040, they were built right into the program. Ah, sweet relief.....now I can just relax and occasionally check the fun Where's My Refund? link on the IRS homepage.

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