Saturday, May 31, 2008

just catching up

Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Wow, where did this past week go??? Time is flying, and tomorrow is June.....already! June 1 also marks an important date for us here in's the start of hurricane season, which lasts through November. After enduring Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma in recent years, we're hoping for a calm and uneventful season in 2008.

Sal and I had a bit of a worrisome week with our pups. We were awaiting results of tests for Aruba; we were worried that she had a bladder infection. But, she's fine, thankfully! Then, I found a lump on Buddy's leg. Given his history with a cancerous tumor on his ear, we had it checked ASAP. The vet did some preliminary testing and thinks that it's just a fatty mass, but we're now awaiting final lab tests to confirm her hunch. We're hoping that Buddy is OK.

We're also getting ready for our much-anticipated trip to Alaska! Lots of planning and packing to do. We'll be leaving soon and I plan to blog from the road, so stay tuned in June!

For my pals who love scrapbooking, I have the pleasure of taking 2 workshops with Tim Holtz tomorrow at a local scrapbook store. He's a BIG celebrity in scrapbooking circles, and is a super-fun, super-creative teacher. I'll be sure to post pics of the projects that I create.

Bye for now!

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