Wednesday, May 21, 2008

local dog attacked by alligator

Poor Rennie, my gosh! This sweet dog was attacked by an alligator in rural Palm Beach County yesterday. Why do people allow their dogs near bodies of water that could, and in Florida often do, have alligators in them???

She's now receiving care at Paws2Help, an animal shelter in West Palm Beach.....she'll need surgery on a leg that's broken in 3 places and on her jaw, which is broken in 2 places. Sal and I visited Paws2Help not long ago to help another dog, and we could see that this shelter struggles financially. But it was evident that they are so caring, and we know that Rennie will pull through! To read updates on her condition, to send Rennie and the shelter staff a get-well wish, or to donate to the shelter for her care, click here.

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Claudia said...

Poor dog! Hope all goes well with the dog's healing:)