Friday, May 2, 2008

thank goodness for my TV's PIP

Wow, what a fun morning! As indicated in my post title, I've been really utilizing the picture-in-picture feature on my TV......On one channel, I had The Today Show going since Matt was live in this year's final Where In The World is Matt Lauer? destination, The Seychelles, a remote island chain in the Indian Ocean, about 1,000 miles off the east coast of Africa. What an incredible place, it looks like a magical paradise! Sal - we're definitely going sometime! I love how they describe it as a place that's "more about scenery than sightseeing".

And on another channel, I was tuned in to QVC since they were having a scrapbooking extravaganza! Attention scrapbookers - they're featuring lots of new and fun stuff.....more shows are scheduled for this evening. Happy shopping today!

Enjoy the weekend!

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