Saturday, May 24, 2008

ladies & gentlemen, start your engines!

Hi everyone.....hope you're enjoying the long holiday weekend.

Tomorrow is the 92nd running of the Indianapolis 500 race. It's a special event to me and Sal.....we lived in Indiana for 7 years and, like all Hoosiers, it became part of our lives every May. In the late 90s, before we moved back to Florida, my parents came up for a visit and Sal, my Dad, and I went to the was a blast, a terrific experience! We had great seats in the 4th turn. But what's perhaps an even more special event than the race itself is on the Wednesday prior to the race, "Community Day". They open up the track to the public and we were able to meet the drivers, tour Gasoline Alley and the pits, and best of all, take my Eclipse for a spin around the track! It was a thrill and I'll never forget it....even though I was allowed to go only about 10 mph.

I hope you'll join me and Sal as we tune in on Sunday. The race officially starts at 1:00 PM Eastern on ABC, but the festivities begin earlier on ESPN2. Here's the race schedule. And out of the 33 drivers, there'll be three women in the starting lineup this year. You go girls !!!

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