Sunday, May 18, 2008

still tickled "pink"

Hello, here I am, finally back online....Sal and I were celebrating our special anniversary and then we came back and got swept back up in the realities of life (car repairs, know how it is....).

But we had a wonderful time on our getaway! Thanks for your guesses about our, I like how you think, Claudia! Bermuda was a terrific guess, and I wouldn't have minded being there! But we were celebrating somewhere just as special. We stayed at the Don CeSar Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach, also known as the "Pink Palace" of Florida. It has a remarkable history, please take a moment and visit their website if you can. It's also interesting to read about where its name came from and the other pink beach hotel that inspired its famous flamingo color.

We had a wonderful and romantic stay! Our beachfront room offered a breathtaking view of the pools and the beach, and glorious sunsets that we enjoyed from our balcony.

As we entered our room, I immediately noticed that Sal had the florist deliver a gorgeous arrangement of tropical flowers (my favorite!) that were waiting for me. Awww....

We had beautiful, sunny weather the whole fortunate! I played in the pool and we strolled on the beach. Just relaxed and enjoyed being together.

On our anniversary day, May 12, we commemorated the approximate time that we became a couple, around 4:15 PM, 20 years ago. We captured the moment on camera on the resort's large clock, affixed to its lavish (pink) architecture, facing the pools.

On our last morning there, my parents joined us for breakfast. They live only about 15 miles from the resort, so it was a nice opportunity to enjoy a get-together. Kind of an extension of Mother's Day.

Thanks for sharing our big day with us! And after 20 years, Sal, I'm still "tickled pink" that you're my "boyfriend"! {XOXOXO}

Have a great week!


Claudia said...

Pink beaches ANYWHERE are nice!! That's awesome that you were able to celebrate such a momentous occasion in your lives and knowing the exact date and time too...pretty impressive! I hear pink beaches and think of Bermuda right away but now I know there is another place with "pink" beaches! Thanks for sharing!

perilloparodies said...

So glad you had a great time and made anther bunch of memories together. Wedding Anniversaries are totally worth celebrating!! and for entering your 20- somethings... well, that is something to definitely be grateful for. We love you!!