Tuesday, September 2, 2008

greetings from Gate E3 at FLL

Woo Hoo, this day has finally arrived! I'm sitting here at Fort Lauderdale airport waiting for my flight [insert excitement here] to attend Creative Escape in Phoenix! (Loving the free WiFi they have here, wish more airports had it.)

I was up early today.....my flight departs at 6:40 AM {yawn}. You know you're up early when you leave home before your newspaper is delivered! Sal was so nice to get up [very] early for an airport run, even though he has a cold and doesn't feel his best. Thanks, sweetheart!

I'm just so relieved to be able to fly out today; for days I've been worried about potential hiccups in my itinerary due to the storms, Gustav and/or Hanna. I was packed and completely prepared to call the airline and leave a day or two early if I had to, just to get out before the airport closed. I'm thinking of my CE sisters on the Gulf Coast who are still dealing with the effects of Gustav. Hang in there!

OK, more from Arizona when I arrive and get my laptop/WiFi set up in my hotel room.

.....leavin' on a jet plane.....

Bye for now!

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