Monday, September 1, 2008

my boarding pass is in hand!

Hello, happy Labor Day and happy September (already)! Hope you have the day off. Actually, Labor Day has an interesting history and meaning. More about that here (better yet, read it while you're at work on Tuesday, ha ha!).

It's still not beach weather here in south Florida, we're feeling the fringe effects of both Gustav and Hanna. We live in The Sunshine State? Not this weekend! We're still watching Hanna closely, not sure what to make of her path. It changed course 180 degrees overnight on Saturday! I think it's the fickle, unpredictable nature of these storms that causes 90% of the anxiety. My heart goes out to those in Haiti, Jamaica, the Caymans, Cuba, and the northern Gulf Coast for the suffering Gustav is causing.

On a lighter note, I printed my boarding pass this morning. Hurrah! I leave for Creative Escape on Tuesday early AM, barring any weather delays (hope not!). I can finally say that I'm just about packed and ready to go, including all my essential scrapbooking gear. I can remember when my countdown clock had triple digits in the "days" category, so it's super-exciting that the time has finally arrived!

I'll be back to blog sometime on Tuesday, probably from Phoenix....catchya then!

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