Wednesday, September 17, 2008

when will this stop?

CNN has released an article and a PETA undercover video of horrific abuse of pigs and piglets at a farm in Iowa, a supplier for Hormel Foods. My heart is so heavy. Although an investigation is already underway, please take a moment to contact Hormel to denounce this animal abuse, and boycott their products. I contacted PETA to let them know that Hormel is blocking e-mails (yeah, no kidding!), so this webform is the best way to contact them at this time.

While I worked in Indiana, I had the terrible misfortune of visiting a pork processing plant. So although what happened at the Hormel farm is appalling, it unfortunately doesn't surprise me. The plants have tight security so that the public remains unaware of what is happening in these facilities. My truck, my attache, everything I had with me was searched as I entered and before I left the plant. Obviously, no cameras were allowed and would have been confiscated. I was already a vegetarian at that time, but that day is still with me --- especially the haunting memory of seeing pigs being hit with 20-foot whips --- and it reinforced my life decision.

Animals have no voice, but I will help them be heard. Thank you for joining me to stop their silent suffering.

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