Sunday, November 2, 2008

election fun and other stuff

Hi there, hope you're enjoying the weekend. Thanks to everyone for your support with my mailman ordeal (see my Nov 1 post). Isn't life too short for such nonsense? I'll let you know how it turns out. I certainly don't plan to just tolerate it!

On a lighter and certainly funnier note, did you catch Saturday Night Live last night? John McCain made a special appearance, and did the opening skit alongside Tina Fey (a.k.a. fake Sarah Palin). It included a parody of QVC, and was clever. JM was a good sport about it. You can see it here. And don't miss SNL's "Presidential Bash 2008" on Monday night at 9:00 PM Eastern on NBC. Those shows are a hoot, Sal and I love 'em!

So, wow, voting starts in less than 48 hours. Finally! I'm excited, can't wait to vote! I love all the commotion at the polls on Election Day. My blog's own poll will be open until the real polls close on election night, so you can scroll down to "vote" (in the sidebar) if you haven't already. Interestingly, the results are still mirroring the national polls, a statistical dead heat for the 50 votes tallied so far.

And for my crafty friends....5 new colors of Shimmerz paints have just been released for winter.....they're called Shimmerz Blingz, and they're supposed to be even more shimmer-y than the original Shimmerz! They look gorgeous, check 'em out:

And you can go to the Shimmerz blog to see some beautiful projects they made with these new paints.


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