Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I can't sleep

Hello there.....yes, it's 2:00 AM right now and I'm W -- I -- D -- E awake, geez! I can't sleep for some reason (usually it's because I drank an iced chai tea too late in the evening). I thought I'd hop onto my blog and see who else is up too (besides the CEOs of big banks and auto companies who are probably losing some sleep, or at least should be)? So I'm sitting here sipping a beer (you know, A&W's specialty brew), surfing the Net.

I've been online looking at some fun new scrapbooking goodies that just came out. Some of them are highlighted in an online scrapbooking "class" that I'm taking. It's a FREEBIE being offered right now by Stacy Julian at Big Picture Scrapbooking.....they have great online workshops and downloadable classes, I've taken several. If you've never tried one and have been considering it, I say jump in!

One of the great new products introduced in this class is "Flair" from American Crafts (pictured, left). Love, love, love these things! They're just the 1" diameter shiny, metal buttons that we're used to seeing people wear, but instead of having a pin on the back, there's adhesive. This is one of those why didn't I think of that??? concepts. And the designs are SO doggone cute! My faves are the travel ones (duh), but I also love the "friends", "smile" and "candy" varieties. I already have tons of ideas for using them on sb pages and in mini-albums. And if you're a fan of the movie Office Space (like me), you'll remember how "flair" had a role of its own in the storyline. But this is much more fun.

On another note, it's almost the end of November which elicits a collective sigh of relief from Floridians (and surely other coastal residents). It marks the end of hurricane season. Whew, we made it unscathed! So December 1 always begins our annual 6-month reprieve from watching "tropical activity" weather reports on the evening news, stocking up on bottled water and batteries, and hoping and praying that our hurricane insurance doesn't get canceled. And at this time of year, most Floridians are making plans to eat their hurricane food supplies before they expire, or rot. Not so for me and Sal....since I, um, tend to procrastinate when it comes to grocery shopping, we have to break into our hurricane food stash now and then just to have ingredients to prepare dinner. Shame on me!

Thanks for staying up late with me. Good night.

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