Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hello and happy November! Wow, we're in the 11th month of 2008...already!

It's gray and gloomy here in SoFla today, and the weather matches my mood unfortunately. I've had a long week. On top of everything else going on....Sal's Dad's stroke, our garage door opener broke, etc etc etc....I've been having a lot of trouble with our mailman. For months, I've complained about him to supervisors at the post office, but he just keeps finding new ways to harass me. It started with him yelling at me (yes, yelling!) in our driveway after I simply requested that he leave packages at the door rather than bring them back to the post office, which meant I had to go pick them up. It was a scarey situation actually, and I now avoid all contact with him. Then he started mockingly waving at me from his truck, and then he decided it would be funny to leave the flag up on our mailbox after picking up our mail everyday. Now, his new petty game is to ring our doorbell about 10 times when he brings a package to our door, which of course disrupts the entire household. Real professional, huh? I think he's a disturbed individual, at the very least he must have an anger management problem, and no one at the postal service can seem to put a stop to his behavior. Pathetic. Who works for whom over there? Geez, I just don't need this! The arrival of mail and packages used to be a bright spot in my day. I heard on the news yesterday that, due to the sour economy, the postal service is looking to lay off employees for the first time ever, and I can only hope that he's among them.

Thanks for listening. :-/

I'm off to try to enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Claudia said...

i'm sorry to hear of your bad interactions with the post man! hopefully they will change his route!! hope this day is much better:)

Shannon said...

Hope your day gets better...can't imagine dealing with that kind of a postman....have you thought about going above the branch office to the next step?