Friday, March 20, 2009

give food some thought

I have a special request on this Friday ...

Today is the Worldwide MeatOut. What is that? Similar in concept to the annual SmokeOut where people quit smoking for a day (and hopefully longer), the MeatOut is a day designated for considering a meat-free diet. And it's always on the first day of Spring ... representing a fresh start. So, won't you give it a try, just for a day? No beef, no pork, no poultry, no fish. Why consider adopting a vegetarian diet? Among the many reasons ... animal compassion (every vegetarian human saves at least 100 animal lives per year!), the environment, better health ...

My story: I've been a vegetarian for 14 years. One day during graduate school, as I filled out a Save The Manatee Club membership form, I was suddenly stunned by the stark contradictions in my life. I was anti-fur, I was the "parent" of an adoptive manatee, I promoted shelter adoptions ... so how could I justify eating a ham sandwich for lunch? Why was I trying to protect some vulnerable animals, but not others? AN EPIPHANY! Ever since, I've been working to protect ALL animal life, and examining the impacts of my lifestyle on theirs. My vegetarian diet helps to liberate factory farm animals from a life of horrific living conditions, and a death that is painful and terrifying. I invite you to join me, if only for today ...

How to begin? Request a free vegetarian starter kit (note that you can download it, if you prefer). And, if you're thinking that it's not easy to be a vegetarian in our meat-centered society, you're so right! But with a little effort, it is possible to enjoy delicious, healthy food. One source of yummy and convenient soy foods is Morningstar Farms, right in your grocer's freezer section. And there are spectacular vegetarian cookbooks galore. Asian fusion restaurants offer absolutely delicious tofu dishes (try one!). And on and on ...

As an extension of this compassionate lifestyle, won't you consider eliminating leather & fur products from your wardrobe? Yes, it's tough! Perhaps donate those leather loafers to Goodwill and start fresh with a new pair made from synthetic materials (both Payless Shoes and Chadwick's have a great selection, for example). Again, it's not easy in a society where accessories are so often leather. But my closet is a leather- and fur-free zone!

On behalf of all animals, thank you. They are often the most neglected and forgotten creatures among us. We are their voice.

P.S. ~ I'm often asked if my dogs, Buddy & Aruba, are vegetarian? You bet! There are several varieties of vegetarian dog foods and treats available both in pet supply stores and online. Like for human vegetarians, it takes just a little more effort.

I'm off to Utah tomorrow, so I'll catch you back here ... from there! Hope you'll join me on our tour around that beautiful state.

Enjoy the weekend,

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Michelle Aguilar said...

Hi Susan, Great Post!

I have been trying to get there as my one sis is and her whole entire 4 children and hubby!

We have now 1 cat, 3 strays, 5 dogs, chickens, geese, roosters and ducks.

Some lady ask me this question that made me sick and to think so much about it;" when you are done with your chickens become older and not lay eggs, can you please sell me your chickens to eat?"

I immediately said; Um, sorry, we don't our pets and no one else will either;"{yuck} I didn't eat chicken in the stores for quite some time after the fact. but, hey you know we didn't eat beef of any kind for 8 months as the cost was too high.

I can't stand that and after oprah had the special on how chickens and pigs are kept in such tight quarters, it horrified me.

poor things, as I am thankful and have more common sense to have organic, cage free eggs from our roaming everywhere they wish to, game animals.

I sure hope I can go a total vegeratian soon.
I am not at all thrilled after what a hamburger does to me. Makes me fat and bloated. etc.

i am very familiar with soy products, and of coarse Morningstar farms.they make a wonderful soy burger. when I spent time at my sis's farm, I ate only vegetarian meals and they really are great. you can't stave.

ok, have fun on your vacation!