Thursday, March 5, 2009

spring break

This is Spring Break week at FAU, so Sal is off (from teaching, that is). He's still burning the midnight oil to meet his research grant deadlines. That never ends!

But I was able to tear him away from all of that this morning to put some of the "break" back into spring break. We had breakfast al fresco at a cafe we like near the beach (Sal's favorite pancakes) and then ... OK, I must interrupt here and ask that my readers in northern climes not resent us! ... we sat on the beach for a while. Yes, the beach in early March. There's no denying that it's in the 70s and sunny here in SoFla today. This is something I try not to mention during the winter months out of respect for others who are, well, shivering. After spending 7 winters in Indiana, I really do understand cold. Instead of culture shock, I had "climate shock" when we moved up there.

Sending sunshine,

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