Friday, March 6, 2009

hungry for good advertising

I love clever advertising, don't you? It's an art form.

Have you seen one of the new commercials for Weight Watchers' Momentum program? They feature "Hungry", an oh-so-adorable fuzzy orange muppet that takes on the persona of hunger. He proceeds to taunt everyone with a variety of junk food, from donuts to all those vending machine no-no's, it cracks me up!

I especially like the "Hungry At The Office" spot:

Kudos to the agency that came up with this ad campaign! I think Hungry will become the Tickle-Me-Elmo of the dieting ad world!

I've read that WW might even sell a "Hungry" doll in the future. Marketing genius!

Time for a snack. {kidding}

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