Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buddy update

Hi everyone ... thought I'd drop by and let you know that Buddy is recuperating well !!! :-)

This morning Buddy had a follow-up exam by the surgeon, and he's progressing wonderfully! The only issue, which has the surgeon only mildly concerned, is a slight irregularity in Buddy's heartbeat. So, in a month he'll have a follow-up EKG. Otherwise, he's fine and is relieved to have the itchy bandage off and the sutures out. I can tell that he's more comfortable now. And his fur is already starting to grow back. We'll give him a warm bath with some soothing oatmeal shampoo, and he'll feel even better.

And Buddy has gained a little weight too ... a pound and change. Doesn't sound like much, but since he lost 3 pounds, that means he has already gained back 30% of what he lost! He'll no doubt put on the other 2 pounds soon, especially if he keeps being his mischievous self ... last night, he snuck an Oreo cookie away from Sal! Ah, we've missed you, Buddy, our rascal!

So what's next for Buddy? He'll get follow-up lung X-rays in the late summer/early fall, but in the short-term, we're meeting with a veterinary oncologist (cancer specialist) next week. We'll discuss Buddy's prognosis, and whether she thinks Buddy should undergo chemotherapy. We're hoping not; poor Buddy has already endured so much!

Thanks everyone,

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Momofboys said...

so glad to hear buddy is back to his old self...and he's a dog after my own heart...he loves OREOS like me!!!