Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a view with a room

Today we arrived in Manuel Antonio, on the western coast of Costa Rica... stunning so far! Filled with tropical delights... swaying palms, warm breezes, pretty beaches. Drenched in sunshine. I have lots of this in Florida, that's true, but it's still Heaven to me. Especially combined with exploring a new locale, a new culture. (By the way, Sal is totally rocking the Spanish--- he's so good with languages!)

Before we venture out to explore tho, I'm still falling in love with our villa... I'm pinching myself over the view of the Pacific Ocean from our balcony's lazy hammock, and of the sparkling pool from our window. I feel like a celebrity!!

Pura vida! (this expression is proclaimed widely among locals... and literally means "pure life"). But it really is more of a profound "enjoy life" way-of-thinking among Costa Ricans. We've noticed that if we exclaim "pura vida" as we bid farewell to locals, their faces just light up with big smiles! It's really something special.

Now go... enjoy life!

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Momofboys said...

a true tropical paradise!