Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm "that girl"

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed the weekend?

The 4 of us needed to rest after the trauma of Aruba's stroke... Sal and I were emotionally spent.  We see Aruba doing a little better each day!  She still has balance issues, sometimes tilts her head to the right, and her left side is weakened.  But she's taking meds for this and I've already begun physical therapy that will hopefully help strengthen her.  And her appetite has bounced back--- but she needs to be hand-fed from a spoon, or with her dish elevated.... the vertigo won't allow her to lean down to eat.  Poor angel.  I asked the neurologist about dietary supplements that will help Aruba, and she suggested "omega-3 fish oil".  Well, being vegetarian, we're not proponents of fish oil... but after some online research and a visit to a specialized vitamin shop, we found NutraVege, a high-quality potent vegetarian omega-3 substitute!  We're SO relieved to see Aruba improving!

On a lighter note... have you seen this new TV ad from Expedia?  The timing is amazing given that I had to "find my courage" to go ziplining in Costa Rica!  I'm "that girl" the ad describes... careful, safety conscious, logical thinker... and I too am really glad "that girl" stayed home when I went to Costa Rica!  ;-)

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