Saturday, March 9, 2013

I just couldn't leave....

.... the hammock (oh that hammock... from which I am blogging again! I even saw Sal enjoying it, and he's not really a hammock kinda guy)
.... adorable monkeys peeking into our balcony in the early morning
.... the sweet scent of gardenias wafting onto our balcony
.... the sight and sound of the ocean (from my hammock!)

So, since it was (thankfully) available, we stayed an extra day & night here in our villa! It'll probably mean one less volcano hike when we get to Escazu, but that's ok --- we'll do it when we return to Costa Rica sometime --- oh yes, we'll be back!

Time to go in a few hours... kicking and screaming! LOL

(I also loved the towel art that housekeeping left for us, and the new little feline friend we made, he hung out with us on our balcony every day--- look at those stunning green eyes!!)

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Momofboys said...

Just the pictures make me want to be there and I'm sure they don't do it any justice!!