Friday, March 15, 2013

Aruba's recovering

Hi everyone and thank you SO much for your comments, emails, texts, calls expressing concern for our precious Aruba... it's so appreciated!

Yesterday was a day of worry and uncertainty here. Unfortunately, the neurologist said that Aruba had a mild stroke. :-( She is still recovering in the ICU. We are so sad about this, but with testing and diagnostics we're trying to find out what caused it, to make sure there's not another underlying medical concern.

The good news is that when we visited Aruba last night, she was alert and fairly bright-eyed! She also began eating again... and this morning, the overnight nurse said that Aruba ate even more through the night and is walking better! :-)

Her head is still tilted to the right, and this may never go away.

Our precious angel Aruba... she has always been so strong & healthy, it's so hard to see her like this. And after Buddy's battle with lung cancer and congestive heart failure, my heart is so heavy for my furbabies.

Waiting on more test results and another neuro exam today... then hoping that Aruba can come home with us tonight. Buddy is looking for her too.

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Anonymous said...

Oh so glad they have at least found the issue. Hope she is home tomorrow - you know they always do better at home. Thinking of you, Sal and the furbabies and sending prayers that Aruba won't have any more issues.

Hugs Shannon