Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hi there, hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend so far. It's not exactly beach weather here in south's cloudy, windy, with rip currents galore at the beach, all courtesy of Hurricane Gustav. We're getting the outer edges of the storm. My thoughts go out to the residents on the Gulf Coast who are in Gustav's path.

I'm still trying to get started packing for my trip to Creative Escape. How is it that someone who loves to travel, hates to pack? Then again, I'm a vegetarian who hates most vegetables.....go figure! {Enigmatic} Anyway, I'm making sure to bring my favorite scrapbooking T-shirt, it says: "My husband lets me buy all the scrapbooking supplies I can HIDE." Love it! My fellow scrappers out there surely see the humor in it! Actually, I wore the shirt to a scrapbooking event last year, and I think 1,000 people stopped me and took my photo, they loved the shirt that much! Photos of me wearing that shirt instantly appeared in scrapbooks and blogs everywhere.

I checked the weather forecast for next week in southern Phoenix, where I'm'll be sunny, between 102 and 106 degrees F, with almost no chance of rain (and no hurricanes). Superb!

And then there's Hanna.....pretty name, ugly problem. The good news is that they say she'll have some difficulty forming into a hurricane because of wind shear. I'm waiting for the 5:00 PM hurricane advisory to see if Delray Beach is still within Hanna's projected path. We probably can't ignore this storm just yet.

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