Wednesday, December 17, 2008

have camera, will travel

OK, picture me excited! I've registered for a way cool travel photography seminar! It's not until March, but already I can't wait!

I saw an ad in my National Geographic Traveler magazine for a one-day seminar called "A Passion For Travel: Photos That Tell a Story" and, wow, it spoke to me.

Passion for travel? Check!
Do I want to take pics that tell a story? Check! (I'm a scrapbooker, after all)

So how perfect is this? And they happen to be holding it in St. Petersburg, Florida, where my family lives, so I can combine it with a weekend visit.

It'll be taught by 2 veteran NGT photographers, and of course National Geo is known for their ├╝ber-stunning photographs! What I like most about this seminar is that it's not a traditional photography course; we won't be learning about lenses, apertures, F-stops, and all that stuff. In fact, we're not even bringing our cameras with us. Instead, we'll be learning about creating photos that "showcase our passion for travel" and that "capture the spirit of a place." I love that! It's what I already try to do...just scroll up to the photo in my blog's header...I wanted to capture how the blue of the ocean seemed to blend seamlessly with the blue of the sky as I looked out the window during a flight to Europe.

For an entire day, I'll be in an auditorium filled with others that have "a passion for travel"'s so neat to chat with fellow travel buffs about places we've been or can't wait to go.

And they even offer a vegetarian lunch option, woo hoo!

The seminar will be just before we go to I'll get a chance to put what I learn into practice right away on some gorgeous geology. Yeah baby!

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Claudia said...

oh if i lived close i would come with you!!!