Tuesday, December 16, 2008

stopping the presses

The other day I heard that the 2 major newspapers in Detroit will soon be limiting home delivery to only 3 days a week in an effort to pare down expenses. {insert sound of my heart sinking here}

It upset me because I absolutely love reading the newspaper, indeed some might characterize me as an addict! I even buy local papers when I'm traveling...the stories, the editorials, even the ads, give me a sense of the place. A good example: when we were in Alaska in June, the local papers, as usual, contained revelations about the state, and its politics. From that, I discerned (dare I say predicted?) that McCain would see Governor Sarah Palin as an appropriate VP pick. Yes, I really did! (Just ask Sal)

It pains me to see the newspapers struggling, but I guess they're just yet another casualty of the sour economy. I have subscriptions to both of our local papers, The Palm Beach Post and The South Florida Sun-Sentinel (whose parent company just filed for bankruptcy protection, btw), and I read them everyday. I can tell they're both facing difficulties...they're thinner now, and have done away with some feature sections altogether...but I can't imagine not being able to start my day with my papers and a glass of OJ. I already anticipate that both probably can't survive forever as competitors in our local market, and they may merge at some point. But if they eliminate some delivery days??? Please no!

I realize that in today's world we get so much info from the Internet, and that includes me, I love to be online....I mean geez I have a blog after all, right?!? But to me there's something special about a newspaper. It's not old-fashioned. I'm constantly amazed at what an incredible compilation it is...tidbits from around the globe, including our own hometowns, all in one place. The paper brings the world to my doorstep...current events/issues/viewpoints/concepts that I may not think to look up online.

Some argue that newspaper publishers should stop printing their paper versions and have only a web presence. But pointing and clicking just wouldn't be the same. It just wouldn't.

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Claudia said...

i'm not a "paper" reader but i am saddened for you and those who have and still enjoy reading the paper for local and global news each day. hopefully some will hang one!