Friday, December 12, 2008

impromptu photo shoot

Hi everyone and happy Friday!

I recently decided to play around with our camera's features, starting with the "macro" setting. It allows you to get really close-up to a subject, while staying in focus. I'm no photography expert, and as a scrapbooker, I want to learn how to snap better pics.

So I figured what better subjects to practice on than the cute faces of my sweet fur angels?

Thought I'd share some close-ups of Buddy (top 2) & Aruba (below):

Precious huh? Oh, how I love these sweet pups!

But Aruba is especially difficult to photography, she's so camera-shy. Every time I aim the camera at her, she cowers...looks at the floor...won't look up at me with those adorable eyes and ears. So I have to lift up her head (hence my fingers are in the photo). She won't sit still either! But, I did finally manage to get her to look up on her own, excitedly, at her favorite toy, a stuffed squeaky hippo (bottom-most photo), but the lighting was poor. It's no easy feat, getting her to look up AND holding the camera steady AND snapping at just the right time, all as she pounces on me to grab the toy! Buddy, on the other hand, is Joe Cool...he'll walk right up and lick the lens, so curious....and no doubt all the while wondering if I'll slip him a treat for his trouble. {wink}

Enjoy the weekend.....

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perilloparodies said...

just checking in to say HI!! thinking of you! we are preparing for our trip to Pa!! Yay!! love to all... and, happy Holy-days!! :-)