Monday, January 12, 2009

the 7 (natural) wonders of the world

You may recall that 7 (man-made) wonders of the world were chosen not long ago, with the help of about 100 million voters worldwide. They are: the Colosseum; the Great Wall of China; the Taj Mahal; Petra, Jordon; Christ the Redeemer Statue (Brazil); Machu Picchu (Peru); and the Pyramid at Chichen Itza (Mexico). Despite all the travel I've done, I've only been to one of these (the Colosseum in Rome) ... {sigh} ... it's a big planet.

Another round of voting is underway, and we can all participate. This time, it's for the 7 Wonders of Nature. There are 261 nominees and you can go HERE to vote for the semifinalists until July 7. (note: you'll have to "register" your e-mail address on the site, but this is only to prevent people from casting multiple votes) Here are my votes: Cliffs of Moher (Ireland); Niagara Falls; the Galapagos Islands; Bora Bora (French Polynesia); the Grand Canyon; Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe); Maldives Archipelago ... even though I've only visited 2 of these! Later, voting for the 7 finalists will continue by Internet until 2011. It'll be interesting to see what's ultimately chosen.

Switching subjects ... hey scrapbookers! A set of 4 new yummy colors has been released by Shimmerz paints. They're part of the Blingz line and are just in time for your Valentine-inspired projects:
P.S. ~ See you tomorrow for a special day here at Where In The World?.

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Theresa M. said...

Hey Susan,

What do you think of these new paints for my seashell project? I could make seashell valentines. When you have time, do an internet search for 'sailor's valentine.' I'm going to make one....someday. They are really cool.

Love, Aunt Bubba