Friday, January 16, 2009

another sign of the times

Hey everyone & happy Friday!

Well, actually ... it's not totally happy for me ... I found out this morning that one of my fave magazines, Simple Scrapbooks, will be shutting down this summer. Ugh! They cited the economy, it's of course impacting every industry. They will publish only 2 more issues. You can read the SS official announcement on their blog. I'll miss it arriving in my mailbox.

P.S. ~ Wow, what a miracle yesterday on the Hudson River in NYC! Kudos to the pilots for saving all 155 lives onboard, and who knows how many on the ground?, by executing such a skilled water landing. I think all of us who travel, which almost always involves flying, think "what if?" now and then. May we all be fortunate enough to fly with a crew like that one.

Enjoy the weekend ...

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Claudia said...

sorry to hear that they are shutting down on your favorite scrapping magazine=( and i agree with your sentiments on the pilot who flew that plane miraculously into those freezing waters and kept it in one piece!!! your signature at the bottom of the posts now...*wink*