Monday, January 19, 2009

weekend fun

Hey everyone, how was your weekend?

Sal and I packed a lot of fun into ours. :-)

Spent some time browsing at the bookstore, all while sipping on an iced chai tea from their cafe. Makes for a nice evening.

We enjoyed Sunday brunch with friends at an outdoor eatery in downtown Delray Beach. Almost as a bonus, an art fair was in full swing in downtown DB too, so we browsed through some cool exhibits. Afterwards, we strolled along the boardwalk in Green Cay Nature Center. What a spectacular way to enjoy the "natural Florida", with egrets and herons flying around us, and alligators and turtles sunning themselves. I love spending time there.

On Saturday night, we had gone to the movie theater hoping to see Slumdog Millionaire. It has won 4 Golden Globes and countless accolades, and although I knew all that, it didn't occur to me to buy our tickets ahead of time, and of course it was SOLD OUT. No duh Susan! Note To Self: buy tix for popular movies online, not at the box office! So I did buy them online for Sunday night to make sure we'd get to see it. I'm trying to think of the best words to describe the film ... excellent ... riveting ... moving ... energetic ... raw. And at times, difficult to watch. The story is presented as a series of flashbacks, which gave it more depth. I recommend it. Loved the music too!

Have a great week,

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