Monday, January 5, 2009

say it ain't so

Hi everyone & happy Monday. How was your weekend? I didn't do much, just a little scrapbooking ... felt a cold coming on, had the "blahs" ... took it easy. Feeling better today though!

I was truly saddened today to read about another apparent casualty of the worldwide economic slump. This article tells how Ireland's famous Waterford Crystal company is struggling and has filed for bankruptcy protection. Wow, I never would've predicted that such an established Irish institution would suffer this fate!

When Sal and I went to Ireland in July 2007, we specifically included the small town of Waterford (southeast Ireland) in our itinerary because I really wanted to visit its famous namesake crystal factory. We took the factory tour, and it was amazing to watch the craftspeople, to see them translate their expertise into works of crystal art before our eyes. I didn't have a blog back then, so I'll share some glimpses of the tour here:

The crystal pieces are marked in a grid pattern so that the cuts can be precisely made:
And of course, after the tour, I just had to visit the Waterford gift shop! And, of course, I just had to get a souvenir! {imagine Sal grimacing} Anyway, I chose this gorgeous footed bowl:

It's a modern design, not the traditional Waterford look, but it was more my taste and decorating style. I like how the horizontal "cuts" in the crystal add sparkle; this piece is especially nice for floating candles, or is pretty enough to display empty.

Now I'm extra glad to own a piece of this incredible Irish tradition that, sadly, may soon be gone.

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