Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Big Fat Greek Bus Tour

Hi everyone, hope you're enjoying some downtime this weekend.

If you're a fan of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding (and I sure am!), then hold on to your pita bread because have I got a surprise for you! The star & writer of MBFGW, who played Toula Portokalos, will also be the lead character in a new movie (a comedy) called My Life in Ruins, which hits US theaters on May 8. Richard Dreyfuss and Rachel Dratch (of SNL fame) will also have roles.

This time, instead of playing a dissatisfied Greek-American travel agent, she's making a comeback as the dissatisfied Greek-American tour guide. I've already read a review that disses the film, but I don't care (no amount of Windex will fix pessimists). I think she's a great actor, and MBFGW was so much fun (plus I'm looking forward to all the gorgeous scenery in Greece). Can't wait!


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Anonymous said...

Loved the Greek Wedding so I will definitely see this one.


P.S. Love you new signature!