Tuesday, January 29, 2008

it's Election Day here in Florida

Florida is holding its Presidential Primary election today. We're also voting on a proposed amendment that will hopefully bring some relief to our sky-high property taxes (although property insurance is also a culprit for the expense of living in paradise.....our insurance premium has outpaced our taxes now!). This is also the last Florida election for the touch-screen system, which came about after the unforgettable Gore-Bush voting debacle here.

But on to my reflections on this Election Day.....I'm always so glad to go and vote! I'm so thankful for the right, and I often reflect on how hard-won that right was for women. But not all women are as free and fortunate in this world......there is work yet to be done. Perfect example: Saudi Arabia, where women were just recently granted permission to stay in a hotel room alone, that is, without a male guardian and provided that the hotel submits her information to the local police. [insert cringe here]

That said, I'm off to the polls!

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