Monday, January 28, 2008

world's largest swimming pool

As a lover of swimming pools.....they're fun, they're beautiful.....I was intrigued to learn about the one that was recently named the world's largest. Here are its specs.....'s in Chile's 3,323 feet long (that's 0.63 mile!) covers 20 acres
.....and perhaps most impressive is that it holds just over 66 million gallons of (salt) water! (for reference, our pool has a mere 10 thousand gallon capacity)

Also cool to note is that the pool uses technology that pulls in, filters, and recirculates water from the adjacent ocean.

Makes me want to take a dip but, oh yeah, it's January!

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Claudia said...

I looked this up and it is absolutely an amazing site! I would not like to be the person(s) that maintain that thing!! It actually looks like you're going into the ocean because it's so big!!